The King and The Dreamer

Scripture: Matthew 26:17-30, 36-46; Matthew 27:32-54
Today as we reflect and celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the March on Washington and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's “I Have a Dream” speech; my mind goes back to another historical moment in time.


The Jewish Passover had just ended. The time when all Jews celebrated and remembered how God had won their freedom from Egyptian bondage. Jesus and His disciples celebrated the feast, many not even aware that this would be His last. Sometime later that night while Jesus prayer in a garden, He was betrayed, subjected to a mock trial and led away to die on a cross.

Way before Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and the millions of black and white Americans marched their way to the Lincoln Memorial; the King of kings, Jesus, marched His way up the “Via Dolorosa”, the Way of Suffering, to a hill called Calvary. He marched so that we all could be free. Free from the bondage of sin and its penalty, death. Free from the limitations and burdens placed on us, to deny us our true identity. Free from every sins and deficiency sin brought with it. His death march, was our triumphant emancipation parade.

Way before Martin Luther King uttered those soul-stirring words, “I have a dream” , that still echoes today. Another King, the King of kings, voice vibrated through all time into eternity the liberating words “It is finished”. The payment for our redemption is finished and life without hope is finished.

It is because the King of kings, Jesus was willing to take his march and utter His speech; that fifty years ago a man named Martin could march up the steps by the Lincoln Memorial and declare, His dream. You see, the simply fact is that the foundation of Dr. King's dream lays within the finished dream of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The fight for the manifestation of Dr. King's dream lives on. But the fight is made possible because the King of kings finished His. As we remember today, let us not forgot that we must march on and speak loud, so that freedom, justice and equality is extended to all human beings. But let us not be unwise to think that it will be done outside of the foundation of the ultimate Emancipator, Jesus the Christ. It is because of Him we have the authority to “speak truth to power”.

March On,
Pastor Tatum